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Here you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. The list is not exhaustive, contact us if you need to know more.

I just received a collection letter, what do I do?
Check the date on the letter and whether you might have paid the claim while the letter was out for delivery. If the claim is still in your online bank, you can complete the payment there. You can also present the collection letter at the nearest bank and pay the claim using the OCR stripe on the letter.

Is it possible to negotiate arrears?
Contact us as soon as possible and we'll look into the matter together. In most cases, it is possible to temporarily postpone collection or create a payment plan. For more serious payment problems or debt issues, we recommend contacting Debtors' Ombudsman.

What does a payment plan cost?
It costs 3.348kr. to create a payment plan and to postpone payments. Notice fee for payment plan installments is 395kr.

I can't pay my agreement installment, what do I do?
If a payment isn’t received within the given payment period, the agreement defaults and collection resumes. If a discount was granted, it will also be cancelled. We encourage you to uphold your end of the agreement but if you don’t think you can, please contact us.

How do I pay my payment plan?
There is a claim in Skilum’s name in the debtor’s online bank which you need to pay. If you do not have an online bank or if you can't seem to find the claim there, you’ll need to contact us and we’ll give you the claim number.

If the debt has been registered on Creditinfo's default register and I create a payment plan, is the case unregistered?
No, the case will remain on the default register until full payment is received. The case is unregistered the day after a full payment is received.

I want to pay someone else's debt and need information, what do I do?
In order to receive information about arrears and to negotiate on behalf of someone else, you need to have power of attorney or mandate from the person, stating you are so allowed.