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What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are saved on a computer or smart device when the Skilum website is visited for the first time. The next time you visit the website on the same device, it remembers you and how you used the site.
Skilum uses cookies in order to improve the functionality of the website with the aim of improving service to users. It is Skilum’s policy to use cookies responsibly. Skilum uses cookies to tailor the website to user needs, e.g., to save user settings, to process statistical information, to analyze website traffic and for marketing purposes.

Necessary cookies (first-party cookies)
Skilum’s website uses both its own cookies and cookies from third parties. Skilum’s own web cookies are cookies that are created on the Skilum page. Cookies only send information to Skilum. Necessary cookies enable features on the website to function as intended. Necessary cookies are cookies from a first party that are only used by Skilum. This includes, for example, cookies that remember whether the user is logged in to the Skilum website or what special settings the user has chosen.

Cookies from third parties.
Third-party cookies are cookies that are created as a result of actions from a party other than the person who runs the page you are visiting, a party that Skilum cooperates with or uses services from. Third-party cookies enable these parties to recognize your device again and are created as a result of services used by Skilum. The Skilum website uses cookies belonging to third parties (including Google and Facebook) to analyze traffic on the Skilum website in order to develop and improve the website’s servicese by gaining insight into its use and making searching for specific content easier. Cookies from third parties also collect information about customer visits to Skilum’s website, in order to monitor the success of advertisements and their online marketing activities (for example, how often a user clicks on our advertisement). Information collected by third parties does not include personally identifiable information. The cookies are not a necessary prerequisite for the user of the website, but nevertheless play an important role for Skilum, as they analyze the use of the website both in terms of the number of users and the behavior of users on the website, and so that Skilum can prepare marketing materials and advertisements that are tailored to certain target groups. Website users can access information about how these parties use cookies on their websites. Vefkökur frá þriðja aðila eru vefkökur sem verða til vegna aðgerða sem stafa frá öðrum aðila en þeim sem rekur síðuna sem þú ert að heimsækja, aðila sem Skilum er í samstarfi við eða hagnýtir þjónustu frá. Vefkökur þriðja aðila gera það að verkum að þessir aðilar geta þekkt tækið þitt aftur og eru tilkomnar vegna þjónustu sem bankinn notar.

Skilum's use of personal information.
Kvika banki hf. has a privacy policy that can be found on the bank’s website. All personal information that may be generated during the use of cookies will be handled and processed in accordance with the provisions of Act no. 90/2018 on personal protection and processing of personal information. Kvika declares that such information will not be processed for purposes other than those described, and that the information will not be stored longer than necessary based on the purpose of processing. Personal information will not be provided to third parties unless otherwise required by law. Kvika is not responsible for the content that appears on this page.

How do I set cookies?
Attention is drawn to the fact that third parties, e.g., those who provide online marketing or analytical services also use cookies. Information about their use of cookies can be found on their websites.
Users can block cookies by changing their browser settings. In this way, users can withdraw their consent to the use of cookies. Please note that if all cookies are blocked, including necessary cookies, it will affect the functionality of the website. More information on how to set cookies on different browsers can be found here.